Fountainhead Casting | Testimonials
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“There are 3 absolutely key things I look for in a casting director:

1. Finding fresh, original, interesting, bright talent (and not throwing me the guy from the Tooheys/Selleys/Bunnings/Cadbury ads)

2. Brilliantly efficient casting sessions with video files supplied that work first time, every time, and are dead easy to download

3. A “nothings ever a problem, no budget/deadline is impossible, where there’s a will there’s a way” forever smiling attitude

Antonia Murphy and the Fountainhead team are all of this and more. That’s why I love picking up the phone to ring her, and little wonder leading directors like Paul Middleditch, Rey Carlson and many more agree”

– Rod James, Head of Moving Image – M&C Saatchi

“Fountainhead Casting is an industry leader and among the most professional and forward thinking casting companies we have the pleasure of working with. The team at Fountainhead are second to none, bringing their unique creative vision to the casting process and remaining relevant in an ever changing industry”

– Matthew Bennett, Manager of Business Development – Casting Networks

“Casting at Fountainhead with Antonia and her team is like casting with a best friend who’ll do anything for you, and do it exceptionally well”

– Dean Blumberg, Director

“Antonia has cast most of the work on my showreel. She is the best”

– Paul Middleditch, Director

“I approached Fountainhead Casting for my latest series of films called ‘12:12’ and Antonia and her team were incredible. The level of talent and suitability for the many roles I required far exceeded my expectations and any success of these films will be in no small part because of Fountainhead’s contribution”

– JJ Winlove, Director

“I can heartily recommend Fountainhead Casting. I have worked with Antonia and her team for many years now, and have always found them to be a delight to deal with. Antonia shows a perfect understanding of the brief and great originality in her casting suggestion. She is a great negotiator, works quickly, pays superb attention to detail, and is utterly reliable”

– Sue Hind, Senior Producer

“I see casting as a partnership and the cornerstone that underpins all great work… The wonderful people at Fountainhead provide as such and have cast most of my commercials in Australia. They make my job easy because they’re simply great at what they do”

– Nicholas Reynolds, Director

“Antonia and all the team at Fountainhead make casting an absolute joy. Throw any frightening budget, unrealistic timeline or impossible brief at them, and they will not only manage to find great talent, but will do so in such a calm and professional way. There is no ruffling of feathers, no pursed lips, no panic. They have cast the last 3 jobs I’ve worked on and they are bang on every time. So impressive. I love these girls!”

– Jo Howlett, TV Producer – Clemenger

“We all know Antonia is a great casting director. She always finds great talent and new unexposed actors, which is refreshing. Her attitude never changes – even when jobs get tough. She is a ‘can do’ person, which is helpful to a producer under the gun. When Antonia is on a job, you know you will be totally supported right through the process”

– Lizzy Nash, Executive Producer – Walkabout Films

“Casting is different on every job. It can be about securing a big name, discovering a perfect unknown, creating a family from strangers or filling a stadium with no budget and even less time. Antonia and her team can do it all… and always with a smile”

– Josh Whiteman, Director